Welcome on my website.


These wil lead you by means of my paintings to the continent of North- America

And Canada and to the Indian people or better said, “The native People’’.

 Their culture, way of living and connection with ‘’Mother-Earth’’ and ‘’Father Sky’’ became my source of inspiration.

 My paintings are made on two different styles of painting. Such as an realistic and a more stylized way of painting.

 I have started with the more realistic way of painting.Most of all a soft and modest kind of colours, such as warm and beautifull earth-tints.All those paintings are made in a refined style of painting and radiates a different energy

then the more coloured en stylisch paintings. With this way of painting,I feel more freedom to work with shapes, lines and bright colours. To use more fantasy coming out of myself.

 With bright colours, streaming lines, feathers and symbols, I want to express the different dimensions wich are inside and around us. On earth and in the cosmos. The visible and unvisible worlds.

 We all are living in a circle of life, such like birth, death and rebirth or reincarnation.The”Native People’’ called it ’’The Medicinewheel’’.

Men, animals, trees, plants, air, earth, water, fire, the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, all a great and beautifull source of inspiration.

 I hope that you will enjoy this website, and if you have some questions, please contact me using my mailadess on my website.



With warm regards,


Ellen Uytewaal.